Port Arthur, Tasmania

built by the convicts

built by the convicts

Drove down to Port Arthur from Seven Mile Beach to visit the place England sent its convicts in the 17/1800’s, about 160,000+ of them – “hell on earth” apparently. Many of the prisoners, as young as age 7, were reportedly petty criminals from the London slums, convicted of doing what they had to do to stay alive. Here they were treated to the unimaginable isolation of the place, the cat o’ nine tails and later on, solitary confinement, until they were moved to the end of the line, the asylum. Some Canadian prisoners were sent here from the Upper & Lower Canada rebellions. Saw the devastation along the roadside caused by the recent bush fires – K after K of fire blackened forest – some houses burnt to the ground, only chimneys and rubble remaining.

destroyed by an earlier bushfire

destroyed by an earlier bushfire


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12 Responses to Port Arthur, Tasmania

  1. nancy durham says:

    Wonderful to see your photos and to read the history. Look forward to more! x

  2. P says:

    Hi Jerry:
    Thanks for including us amongst your followers. I always enjoy my friends travels because I myself, as you know, love to travel. So it’s a pleasure to read about the adventures of others. Great history lesson as well. I know about the prisoners but certainly not in detail as you’re kind enough to include. Take good care of yourself. Pauline

  3. Sue says:

    superb!!! really enjoyed all of this – what beauty and history
    did you see any tiger snakes?

  4. nancy says:

    me too – love the pictures and your brief commentaries. make me want to see Tasmania, happy sailing back to the big country. x

  5. Sue says:

    don’t be leaving your flip flops or anything else for that matter outside anymore – if you do sit out there with your flashlight – ha ha – did you finally get some heat

  6. nancy says:

    sue can you believe our brother’s a blogger – isn’t it great?

  7. nancy says:

    jerry – we are awaiting new pics x

    • Sue says:

      These pics and stories are wonderful – Jer you should be a writer – so enjoying all of this – you are right – oh to be 5, 10, 20 again – is that you with the huge hat at the stadium

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