Lake Burbury, Tasmania

One night here for $5, no showers, but it came with a million $ view, on the shore of the lake with a mountain back-drop. Awoke in the morning to find my jandals/flip-flops gone from where I left them just outside the door. What kind of a weirdo would steal my jandals? A caretaker told me “it was probably a devil mate” (Tasmanian Devil) – “they’re known for that sort of thing mate!” Found one about 100 metres away, but no sign of the other – the price goes up to $5 +

mount Owen in the background

mount Owen in the background

a pair of jandals. Drove over that range in the background next day – white knuckles! The flies came in clouds here (March flies) – talking with John from Seattle, I told him he looked like a bee-keeper – he had this huge cloud of flies buzzing around him.


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3 Responses to Lake Burbury, Tasmania

  1. nancy says:

    love this. let’s start a flip flop fund for our travelling brother. send more blogs!! what a beautiful place xx

  2. Haha, that’s so funny. I love the idea of a Tasmanian Devil wearing your jandals mate! xxx (or jandal)

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