Melbourne to Adelaide

Leaving Melbourne, I drove west across the Great Ocean Road to a campground at Bimbi Park – not Bimbo, Bimbi Park – in the Otway National Park – no cell phone, internet, TV or radio service, so into the sack early with “All Quiet on the Western Front”, re-reading – sure glad I wasn’t born back then.

It was a “grey drive” today with dark, low overhead clouds all the way. The coast road is beautiful, but today the sea took on the colour of the sky. You can just make out the road crossing the hills in the photo below.

Keep your eyes on the great ocean road when behind the wheel, or you may end up in the drink

Keep your eyes on the great ocean road when behind the wheel, or you may end up in the drink

I walked from the Bimbi campground to Otway lighthouse, along the trail through gum trees and farm land, across hills and valleys. A German tourist died walking here recently in extreme 40c weather – she was rumored to be wearing only a bikini and flip flops (heat exhaustion, they’re waiting on autopsy results). Along the way, I walked right up to an old Koala sitting beside the track – stopped and talked with him (or her – if was her, I said all the wrong things?). See the burr on its arm.

Bimbi Park Koala

Bimbi Park Koala

As I left, it got up and walked across the road like Gollum – walking isn’t their thing. A little further down the track I almost bumped into a wallaby, sitting there chewing some grass.

Next day I went for a walk down to Station Beach, about an hour’s trek both ways, through coastal heath (sand dunes, scrub, gums). A lot of the trail wasn’t well cleared – long grassy sections where you couldn’t see what you were stepping on. I was tempted to turn back but didn’t want to be the chicken Canadian in the camp and feed the camp-fire stories. I didn’t see any snakes, but was sure on the look-out for them – the advice in the campground pamphlet is “leave them alone, they won’t hurt you.”  – ha, ha. A wild, beautiful, wind-swept beach awaits at the end of the trail.

remote and no swimming - steep, undertow, rips and crashing surf

remote and no swimming – steep, undertow, rips and crashing surf

more stars in the universe than grains of sand on all the beaches in the world!

more stars in the universe than grains of sand on all the beaches in the world!

Two days driving from Otway NP to Adelaide, stopping in Keith overnight along the way. Oops, nearly forgot the Apostles, 12 of ’em, but I think some have washed away?

along the Great Ocean Road west of Otway

along the Great Ocean Road west of Otway

Some flat, flat land on the way to Adelaide.

you might just see the mirage near the left

you might just see the mirage near the left

Soon after this scene, I ran into the Adelaide hills that lead you into the southern city via a steep curving descent – multiple lanes, loaded with traffic and 18 wheelers and articulated trucks, all geared down and some trailing brake smoke – white knuckles all the way down that hill, into a tunnel at the end!

Got lost several times driving through Adelaide on the way to my campground north of the city – nothing’s as much fun as towing a caravan through a strange city in traffic and boy this city has traffic! This is state number 5 now – Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and now South Australia (lots of this to go yet)  – West Australia and Northern Territories to come next – a couple of big ones.

I’m leaving Tuesday after checking out the local sights and preparing to head west for Perth across the Nullarbor (Latin for no trees). It’s almost 2,700 KMS to Perth. At my rate, that could take 2 weeks or more – I don’t drive every day (packing/unpacking is a chore) and I’ll find places that I’d like to explore along the way. This leg of the journey will take some thinking and planning, because I’m sort of “leaving civilization behind”. Looking forward to getting out of the city and away from TRAFFIC! Adelaide is HOT, HOT – going up to 38c in the next day or so and it doesn’t cool off much at night – bought Harvey Norman’s last fan to sit beside HN’s last heater that I purchased in Tassie.


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10 Responses to Melbourne to Adelaide

  1. nancy says:

    Jerry great descriptions of your journey – thank you, send more xx

    • Sue says:

      Amazing journey – I am so fascinated with all of the scenery and descriptive writings – I love your new friend the Koala – did you get the burr off for him/her?

  2. nancy says:

    i want to know about the Koala burr too xxx

  3. Joy says:

    Good thing you didn’t! Or you might be nursing a koala bite.
    Your trip is a brave journey Jerry.
    And your descriptions remind me how wild, different and beautiful Australia is.
    Take care on this next leg of it. I remember Bryson going to Perth…but think he took the train.
    I enjoy reading your blog when it arrives Monay a.m. In my email.
    Looking forward to the next report.
    All the best,

    • Hi Joy, I’m sure Bryson took the train, but in doing so he missed out on all the big thing-a-ma-jigs – you know, the big banana, the big pineapple, the big crayfish … Today I saw a sign that read “this way to the big whats-a-ma-call-it – didn’t go there – I mean, who wants to see a big whats-a-ma-call-it?

  4. Sue says:

    Jer how about wearing stilts when you go into the bush

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