The Nullarbor and over …

Mar 26 – It’s 8PM and 38c in Fowlers Bay SA – camped on the edge of a dust storm all day – a real storm with dust clouds from horizon to horizon, rising hundreds of meters into the air! Luckily the camp is by the sea or we would have been right in the middle of the dust cloud. The van was full of grit when it finally stopped. Not a happy camper tonight, but I’m almost clean again after shaking, sweeping and cussing. Sleeping will be TOUGH tonight, but a change in wind direction is forecast and tomorrow the predicted high is 23! Got my new fan out again. All part of the experience.

Some fantastic sand dunes here – climbed up early morning to take a couple of shots – surreal.

dunes are constantly moving - these have literally buried a few local houses!

dunes are constantly moving – these have literally buried a few local houses!



SPAM for dinner last night and tonight it will be left over SPAM – remember the SPAM and eggs, SPAM and bacon, SPAM and bacon and eggs, SPAM and toast … SPAM, SPAM, SPAM …  – love those guys.

Mar 27 – At last I’m here and it doesn’t disappoint – flat, dry, endless and yes, there are no trees! The highway crosses only a small corner of the plain – most of it is to the north, but I got a good taste. The expanse of the place is impossible to capture with a point and shoot. The sun shines here 364 days a year – I got the cloudy one, with a fine rain/mist that evaporated as it hit the ground.

The Nullarbor doesn't disappoint

The Nullarbor doesn’t disappoint

Mar 28 – Drove across the 90 mile straight road without a bend, and that’s not exaggerating – “are we there yet”? Driving through this country I realized hey, those aren’t bushes, they’re emu(s?) – 2 big ones by the side of the road, but they look like bushes when they have their heads to the ground eating. Soon after, I passed a small herd(?) of camels, 4 or 5 of them 30 meters off the road – you wouldn’t want to run into any of those guys!

90 miles without a bend, the longest straight road in Australia

90 miles without a bend, the longest straight road in Australia

Glenn, here’s one for you and it doesn’t snow here! This guy was flying by at 110k/hour.

road train

road train

road train closer

road train closer

Mar 29/30 – Camped in Kalgoorlie WA and visited the “Super Pit”. They extract about 850,000 ounces of gold every year. It’s the biggest open-pit gold mine in the country. Standing on the edge looking down is ‘mind boggling’. $$$$$.

find the trucks inching along the track

find the trucks inching along the track

like ants at work

like ants at work

real ants at work, big babies

real ants at work, big babies

neat sign post

neat sign post

Apr 1 – I’m sitting in a park in Esperance and may stay and just enjoy the region for a time. I’ve left the desert and semi-arid country behind for now. The sand on the beaches here is pure white and squeaks as you walk on it. Met a French Canadian kid here who’s cycled from Sydney on his way to Perth, then home to Montreal in time to see Les Canadiens win the cup!!!

… and on to Perth, km by km …


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11 Responses to The Nullarbor and over …

  1. nancy says:

    Jerry love your photos. I want you to rehabilitate that pickup truck! and that gold mine – what a shot. looking forward to more…

    • I’d get on the truck right away, but it’s about 600k back down the road. This was a really charming campground on the Fraser Range Station at the western end of the Nullarbor Plain – the air was full of the aroma of the eucalypts – magic!

      Jerry Durham (Cell: +61 4 3159 9552)

  2. Joy says:

    What a country Jerry. I am impressed at your drive (pardon the bad pun ) for this adventure. I think the dust might have done me in. But what beauty you are seeing. It must sometimes be difficult to take in. Photos are beautiful. I need to look on a map to figure out where you are… We need a little
    graphic travelling image of your caravan moving across the great expanse of Australia! Take good care.

    • Hey Joy, sitting in the caravan, up to my neck in grit, at 38c sure tested my ‘drive’ that day, but I got the grit out of the van, took a cool shower and topped it all off with a glass of wine and the world was rosy once again 🙂 I like the caravan on a map idea. Let me know if you come across a tool. All the best.

      Jerry Durham (Cell: +61 4 3159 9552)

  3. Mossy says:

    Good to see you got a Volvo Truck in your blog, great road train

  4. Cathy Lee says:

    Hi Jerry, I’ve really been enjoying your travel blogs and have written a couple replies – but they don’t seem to be reaching you. I’m trying again with this one…. hoping.

    Take good care,
    Cathy Lee

  5. Sue says:

    wowy !!!
    Fantastic pics – did you see Lawrence of Arabia on those dunes? Hey, about the gold – be right over to help carry it right to the bank of course – love the truck for a sign post – what a waste eh? can you imagine it all redone – I’d like that too

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