On to Perth

Apr 6 – Still in Esperance, named for the “Esperance”, one of the 2 French ships that explored the area in 1792, the other was the “Recherche”. This was 22 years after Cook charted the east coast. So, there really was competition for the continent – parlez-vous francais? The French revolution was boiling in France 1789-1799 and then Napoleon … so they were busy at home, otherwise Australia may well have been occupied by France. The Dutch were in the area more than 100 years earlier. I love this stuff.

‘Boat people’ off the shores of Australia really aren’t anything new. Say, I was the only person walking along a beach the other day, so I claimed it in my name!

I need to find something else other than beaches and coastline to photograph. Trouble is I’m on the coast and attracted to beaches, so what the heck. Gets boring after a while 🙂 

(click on photos once to open and a 2nd time to enlarge)

approaching dusk

approaching dusk

The beaches here in Esperance apparently won the award as having the whitest beaches in Australia, even beating out Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays. I think a tongue-in-cheek competition to drum up tourists, but they are very white indeed and there’s lots of them around Esperance.

which beach to choose in Esperance? there are so many

which beach to choose in Esperance? there are so many

Today is a cloudy dreary day – I can’t remember the last one like this. I’ve grown used to days like this.

Cape Le Grand National Park WA

Cape Le Grand National Park WA

I’m camped 10k out of town where the internet signal is weak, so I went into town this afternoon to get on the grid. It was windy and a misty rain was falling, so instead of going to the park I went into a café. I ordered a coffee at the counter, bought a “melting moment” and sat at a table with a view onto the street where I could watch the world go by. I noticed a young couple just opposite my table on the way in, but didn’t pay much attention to them. I was opening my laptop and biting into my melting moment when I realized she was breast-feeding her baby – the kid was latched onto a boob and father was hovering over them like a mother hen. I was close enough to reach out and touch them – the couple I mean, not the boobs. It was like a scene from the ‘Two Ronnies’ where a dirty old geezer sits down purposely to watch a mother breast feeding her baby – well, trying to look normal, I quietly got up and moved to another table. Sorry, no photos.

In Albany, I came across a re-creation of the bark Amity, a little ship that played a key role in establishing the western town in 1826 (a few years before Perth was settled), bringing settlers from Sydney – she was built in New Brunswick, Canada!! Sadly, she eventually sank in a storm off the coast of Tasmania. Photo courtesy of Google.


Apr 10/11 – stayed at the Big Valley Sheep Station just south of Margaret River. Not much news here, but I drove to the coast and found this beautiful little cove where I waded into the Indian Ocean and looked (a long way) west towards Africa! No photos.

Apr 12 – arrived in Perth, big milestone accomplished. I’ll stay here for at least 2 weeks. I have a Canadian tax return to file and 2 overdue Aussie returns – holy fudge!!!!


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3 Responses to On to Perth

  1. Sue says:

    I absolutely love all of the pics and history that you are sending us – so much to take in in this vast world that one doesn’t always see – what an adventure you are having and sharing with us – so happy to hear from you – what a drag to have to stop to do all of this red tape stuff – xxoo

  2. Joy says:

    Congratulations on completing this part of the journey Jerry. Good luck with the taxes. Yuck.

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