Bali? Yes Bali!

I’m gonna try doing shorter soundbites and not sweat the detail so much. Think I’m learning along the road, well some days anyway. Wow, I’m out of the van after 8+ months. I’m in a real room, with walls, its OWN BATHROOM (thought of asking 50 guys over to share it, but no, no, no, NO), a queen size bed, a desk, a TV with a screen big enough to see without squinting – OK I’m getting carried away, but jeez seriously!

Stepping out of the airport into Bali is like leaving planet earth and arriving on …? After that one day visit to Bangkok last year, this place once again just swamps your senses with the sights, sounds, smells … For me, its taken days to adjust. Each day is a little easier than the day before – beep, beep. Want to check into uploading short videos – there’s an intersection near me that will blow you away with the traffic flow as it shuffles itself like a deck of cards at rush hour. 

OK, I goofed – Stu likes to be known as Vlad (short for Vladimir, something from high school days?). On my 2nd night here I stepped out for a beer (just for a change, you say?) At the 2nd bar I walked into I met Vlad from Ohio of all places. He’s wondering the globe in search of the holy grail – hope I find it before he gets his hands on it! Vlad cautioned me that it was a gay bar. I wouldn’t have gone in if I had known it was gay. Anyhow, at last a guy I could talk to and understand – talking my kind of English, I mean, and knows nothing about caravans, nor wants to know. BTW, he’s not gay, at least I don’t think he is – but, then who knows? Who cares? Long story short, as he’d been here for a while, he showed me some of the sights, introduced me to one of his favorite joints, Potato Head below – nobody knows why its called “Potato Head”.

Here’s the view from the “bench” at Potato Head. Sort of like baseball – you’re either on the field, in the action, or sitting on the bench watching it.

the other half at play, by dusk they're laying all over the grass

the other half at play, by dusk they’re laying all over the grass

Clouds glide so leisurely across the sky in Bali – it could be a Bintang effect.

"... I really don't know clouds at all ..."

“… I really don’t know clouds at all …”

Bali, a place of sharp contrast – you’re ‘smacked’ in the eye every time you turn around. These look like old shutters torn from buildings, but maybe they’re made that way? Go ahead, click on the photo, then click again.

the wall at Potato Head - art for art's sake

the wall at Potato Head – art for art’s sake

Vlad’s long gone to Vietnam. I’m back in the role of the Lone Ranger without Tonto (I have to amuse (spelled with an “m”) myself – habits I picked up in the caravan). Take the road less traveled and travel safe with Ganesha, Vlad.

Go for a walk in Bali, carefully!

the footpaths (sidewalks, Stu) of Bali

the footpaths (sidewalks, Stu) of Bali

things may live in these holes, I don't know

things may live in these holes, I don’t know

Got sunburned on the beach, so gotta stay away for a few days. The beach here is a story for another post. More to come from Bali …


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4 Responses to Bali? Yes Bali!

  1. Sue says:

    Delighted to hear from you, Jer – awesome to be having all of these experiences which I love hearing about and seeing – looking forward to more for sure –

  2. Cathy Lee says:

    Hi Jerry, Bali, eh? Wow!!! You’ve got the wanderlust and you’re doin’ it proud. Enjoy.
    xo Cathy Lee

  3. Hi Dad, Wow I love the wall of shutters. Very interesting. Looks like a great life for the people lying along the beach too. Can only dream of that over here in winter time. Enjoy the rest of your stay and look forward to hearing and seeing more. Lots of love, Nickie.

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