Bali III

So off I went to Ubud for a couple of nights, on the back of Eka’s motor bike. Our 7AM start was delayed until 8:30 by a soaking rain, here in the dry season. Once it lightened up, I pulled on a cheap plastic poncho, jumped on the back of the bike, grabbed Eka’s hips and away we went. Looked like a giant green beetle on Eka’s back. It’s about a 2 hour trip, through riotous traffic. We stopped half way there to visit his aunt, uncle and brother. Changed to a borrowed car – uncle and Eka took me on a tour for the afternoon. Unofficial tour guiding is a way to supplement meagre incomes.

BTW, Ubud is famous for its cultural and artistic pursuits. The king of Bali lives here – gather he’s just a figurehead now as the real power lies with the politicians based in Jakarta. I didn’t spend long enough here so won’t even try to describe the place.

This is a bit disjointed and out-of-order, but no matter. Some scenes here and there.

I think maybe grandmother, daughter and granddaughters. Click once to open and again to enlarge for grannie’s smile.

check out Grannie's smile

check out Grannie’s smile

Engineering plus! Why these don’t just crumble and wash away?

terraced rice paddies

terraced rice paddies

Mt. Batur, the most active volcano in Bali. Dark material in the lower half of the photo is rubble from an eruption a year ago, I’m told. We had a buffet lunch here, seated with this view before us. The brave and energetic climb to the top.

Mt. Batur

Mt. Batur

A tourist amuses.

the faces of the children

the faces of the children

rice, rice and more rice

rice, rice and more rice

Vlad pointed me to this place, what a guy! Lovely Putu prepares and brings you breakfast, any time between 7 and 11 – how’s that for leisurely? Her favourite phrase with me was “slowly, slowly”! What a sweetheart she is – and her artistic husbandhis little touches are all around the place.

temple view from my room

temple view from my room

breakfast on the balcony

breakfast on the balcony

Eka lives here (below) with auntie, uncle and brother. Eka earns 750,000 Rupiahs a month – about $75. He works  a 6 day roster as a waiter. He’d like to go to university, but that would cost $5,000 and so there is no hope of that. He says, with a beaming smile, “I’m a poor man, but a happy man!” The photo’s taken on the front porch of their rented home. The courtyard, just in front of this, is packed hard dirt with chickens and roosters wondering about. It was packed mud the day I was there, after the rain. Caged fighting cocks sit over in the corner – gambling and ‘fun’ for the folks. “Do you want to see a cock-fight?” – No thanks. BTW, the Bintang bottles contain water, not beer. They gave me hot, sweet, black coffee served in a glass. We talked about money, tattoos, life and other things. Uncle gave me a free lesson in Indonesian – he wrote out several useful phrases like “you are very beautiful” – old guys can get away with this one without getting slapped.

Eka, auntie, brother, uncle

Eka, auntie, brother, uncle

Lovely people. More to come from Bali another day …. my butt’s gone numb.


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6 Responses to Bali III

  1. Nickie Gormley says:

    THi Dad, The people of Bali seem very lovely and look very happy! We could learn something from them. xx

    • Wow, could we ever Nickie You’d love the art here I don’t mean formal art, just in the way they do everyday things – buildings, interiors …

      Jerry Durham (Cell: +61 4 3159 9552)

  2. Nickie Gormley says:

    Whoops, excuse the typo!

  3. Sue says:

    Look at the beautiful scenery – wow – and Nickie is right on – we could learn from these awesome people – all is beautiful to me -makes one wish we could help Eka go to school

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